The roof of your home or business plays many important roles. Not only does it protect your property from the elements and help keep it energy efficient, but it also serves as the aesthetic capstone for the building. To satisfy and fulfill all of these roles, every roof should be both functional and attractive. At Eagle Team Remodeling we have the skills and services to help you achieve both of these important objectives.

We use only the best performing and highest quality products that come with top warranties. Our vast experience in residential roofing, allows us to create value and beauty for any job. We do Commercial and residential projects for MA and RI.

If you are having issues with a leaking or damaged roof, call us at (978) 751-2378

Roof leaks cause millions of dollars of damage each year compromising the structural integrity of homes and potentially devaluing an important asset. Often times roof leaks go unnoticed until substantial damage has occurred. Minor leaks can turn into mold, rotted framing and damaged infrastructures. It is important to act quickly if you see any signs of roof damage or leaks.

We do:

  • Roofing Repair and replacement
  • Rubber Roof
  • All types of siding
  • Gutters installation and cleaning
  • Roof Snow Removal
  • Ice Dam Removal
  • Siding
  •  Deck Repair and Replacement 
  • paint 
  • Demolition



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